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City Council:"That's a B*#@H Ass Move!"

Worcester Is MAJOR!™: City Council:"That's a B*#@H Ass Move!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

City Council:"That's a B*#@H Ass Move!"

I love people that aren't afraid to speak their mind and are bold in the face of opposition. That being said, when I heard that Councilor Rick Rushton has decided to add to the City Council's agenda an item to stop doing business with any businesses in the state of Arizona, I thought that was a bold and good move.

It appears that after getting some media attention outside of Worcester and outside of Massachusetts, Rick Rushton decided to have the item filed and then allows the Dean of the City Council, Paul Clancy, to "punk" him.

While I understand Clancy's position to not have the City Council decide how it's going to handle interacting or doing business with businesses in Arizona, I think we have to be bold in the face of opposition and "Man up". What Clancy did to Rick is what he's done for years and no one pushes back.

As one gentleman said, after the City Council meeting, "That's a Bitch-Ass move!"

Sir, I have to agree with that statement one hundred percent.

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